Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bjorn Borg's Brilliant Idea: A RAGE Gymn workout....

WOW is Bjorn Borg onto something here. Not only is the idea that people need to take out their frustrations and vent in our everyday stress-filled lives a no-brainer, this could be the magic pill
needed to replace all the rage that seems to be epidemic worldwide.

The ad is powerful because it's testimonials from everyday folks from walks of life that you normally just take for granted have fairly 'easy' jobs with a lower stress level. Not so.

The ad aside from testimonials is powerful in its darkness.

We view rage as something dark, secretive and not something to ever share, for obvious reasons.
The results as we read every day are abusive relationships, self-harm, inner-hate, outer hate which if left untended, can lead to extreme situations of shootings, hate-crimes, and killing.

The ad is powerful in that it addresses the issue of inner rage in a most accessible way by being non-judgemental. But recognizing there is a place for this type of 'workout'.

It's a powerful ad linked to a powerful idea. Lots of supers help explain stats and findings about anger and frustration which also make you feel like expressing this kind of pent up whatever is better doing it in a private workout where you can 'vent' than in public or at home.

From Bjorn Borg who was a brilliant Swedish tennis player and probably as a competitor knows how rage can affect your game....especially the game of life.

I give this idea a 10++++  and the ad the same.

It's the type of 'workout' that needs to get to NorthAmerica asap.