Monday, September 23, 2019

Canada is so in right campaign for Skip the Dishes

The corny but clever campaign delivered by Mad Men actor Jon Hamm puts Hamm as a hopeful
immigrant awaiting his Canadian citizenship, while his trusty American millennial factotum Brandon scurries around doing for Hamm and is the setup man for Hamm's lines.

Toronto and Halifax agency Arrivals and Departures has been handling the creative assignment. The evolution of Hamm as a character and iconic spokesperson for the brand has seen him go from elite Hollywood actor to now claiming Canadian citizenship complete with maple leaf sweater, mug, throw and anything else on-set that bears a red and white maple leaf.

It's always interesting to watch a brand mature and evolve and creatively carve out its place in the market. And I think Arrivals and Departures are now on to something with this new direction.

Hamm is a great choice for Skip the Dishes. He embodies the male GenX pov that I am sure
reflects the biggest user target. While Brandon reflects the secondary and equally lucrative
male millennial user.

It has a real 'bro' tone of voice while not being too sappy or corny....but it's on the edge. And
for a big bunch of bros watching Hockey Night in Canada, this scores big I'm sure.

Lots of room for this story to develop and stretch and play out I would think. If Arrivals and Departures take a page from Progressive Insurance's Flo character, they could build on this
for years.

Proud to say Jeff MacEachern is CCO at Arrivals and Departures and a former OCAD student of mine. Good on ya Jeff.

Here's the second ad in this developing campaign.

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