Sunday, October 28, 2018

"Honestly, it's not for everyone."

John Ricks goes to great lengths to explain the thinking behind the new slogan and campaign. This strategy and creative came from Nebraska ranking last of all the states for a desireable or even top of mind place to visit.  Ricks is the Nebraska Tourism Executive Director and has held the position for under two years. He is from Colorado and was formerly the Director of Colorado Tourism. The agency he chose to develop this creative positioning is also from Denver called Vladimir somethingor other I might add. Which makes me cringe to think that he has shown favoritism to a Colorado agency that has little knowledge of Nebraska or anyone who has probably ever worked or lived there.

The last campaign slogan was: Nebraska. Nice. or Visit Nebraska Visit Nice, something lame created by Bailey Lauerman. But at least it was a Nebraska ad agency creating that mess. I commented on the absolute lameness of the campaign in an earlier blogpost here last year.

Ricks justification for this campaign is "self-deprecation" is gonna drive people here to see us out of pity. This sounds like something repeatedly said from the agency powerpoint presentation as their smoke and mirrors buzzwords for this again horrible campaign. 

Some advice: Nebraska, fire Ricks. Nebraska, fire the Colorado ad agency. Nebraska, start saving your tourism money. 

I now am completely embarrassed to say Nebraska is my home state. And perhaps now readers you can understand why anyone in advertising worth their salt left Nebraska to be able to pursue a serious ad career.

Nebraska just doesn't get it. 

This campaign is worse or as bad as the others. It isn't even self-deprecating. It's embarrassing.
And the media play they are getting from this is in ridicule, not in support. It will blow over as fast as it started with no revenue benefits.

They should just take their budget and do something for their state other than try to promote it.
Because what they are doing is a total waste of money. 

Why not do something with the budget that will maybe protect a special area of wetlands or some historical sites or restore some places in Brownville or somewhere like it or something that will be interesting enough to bring people there. 

Showing people on rocks, little blonde kids with oversize glasses, people sitting in cow water tanks is NOT unique or interesting or even remotely enough to bring people there to spend their time or money. Oh and one other painfully obvious faux pas (mistake) you Nebraska numbskulls made is using the state in red....believe it or not, not everyone associates or is as enamored with Nebraska "go big red" football as you guys which isn't an attraction per se either, especially lately. And it also looks like Nebraska is a completely Republican state, which it is, but if you are trying to attract people and not repel them, this isn't the color to represent Nebraska then...and it can be misconstrued as being a state only welcoming to those interest groups and rednecks. So I would ax that symbol color immediately....Just sayin....and at no charge for those professional observations.

Nebraska, save your tourism dollars. Invest in your state's attractions and I don't mean theme parks and the same shitty stuff every other state has....find something, anything that is unique to the state, spend some time and money on restoring or enhancing it over the next 5 years or so and then maybe just maybe you might have invested enough to bring a few people there....

And use Nebraska agencies for this. Don't use outsiders unless they're from Nebraska and really know and can relate to why people never go there.