Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sweden builds brands brilliantly over and over, again and again....

How refreshing. How absolutely brilliant are these usages of posters and windows for demonstrating  the various challenges of daily life in a thoughtful, simple, tasteful and interesting way. Apotek drugstores in Sweden working with Akestam Holst ad agency have created a vibrant campaign utilizing motion technology that works to wakeup texters, commuters and smokers to name a few and brilliantly manages to get their hard earned attention.

This is what great creative is all about. It isn't massively overproduced TV ads like you are inundated with on SuperBowl day. It isn't about using famous people to spout words and hawk products that they don't use, never have used and never will but are paid millions and millions of dollars just so clients can claim they employ them and can brag they had lunch with them on the set of the tv shoot.

It isn't about analytics or data or  pay per click which mostly attracts and reflects the lowest bottom feeder information. It isn't about integration, phone apps, downloads and popups.

This is about common sense. This is about connecting with real people in their real environment and connecting in a real way.

The Swedes demonstrate how to utilize technology in a way that resonates with people on the go and in the streets.

The net take away for the people exposed to these posters and windows is first:  Apotek drug store understands me.

They aren't trying to glitz and glam me. The story is my story, everyday as I walk in the dark to work, as I pass a smoker everyday and as I take the subway everyday. Simple. 

And the second takeaway is: Apotek drugstore chain understands that all these simple things we do everyday add up.

And as Apotek drugstores continue this campaign, more and more people will find comfort in the knowledge that Apotek recognizes and can relate to the continual hassles of everyday. The goodwill alone in these demonstrations is worth more than all the money of one overproduced, slick, overdone, overhyped, no idea advertisement shown on SuperBowl and totally forgotten the next day.

The Swedes know how to build a brand slowly.

Cudos to Akestam Holst the ad agency for this outstanding work.

I give this campaign a resounding 10 for 10.