Sunday, November 25, 2018

This is WHY we have advertising agencies ....

Apparently, over 6 million people have viewed this 'advert' on Facebook and have declared that John Lewis should hire this guy to do their next Christmas ad.


First, this isn't an ad about Christmas.

This is an ad about a guy who has a serious Oedipus complex.

Second, this is about a Millennial guy who probably went to some film or art school and needs a job.

Third, this is so maudlin and sappy it's ridiculous, ludicrous and completely bad taste.

Fourth it has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with Millennials wanting to turn Christmas into some PC 'meaningful' Gwenneth Paltrow-esque GOOP ridiculous madeup significance about the true meaning of love.

Give me a barf bag.

Look all you snowflakes, advertising is about selling. Not about some severely conflicted bearded guy who so dotes on his Mother that it borders on clinical and represents something really really more for a Public Service ad for a Helpline.

And apparently, there are over 6 million people out there that need that helpline phone number.

I give this a -10.....

Goodluck in your job search fella.

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