Wednesday, November 29, 2017

More than the Grinch has stolen Christmas......

The newest entry from Sweden's H&M features Nicki Minaj and Jesse Williams. We find Jesse now the proud father of a young daughter who can't seem to get to sleep. So dutifully Dad goes up to tell his daughter an 'extemporaneous' story of Santa's bad brother.

Of course we are transported to the story as both Minaj and Williams are interesting but useless fairies in helping the young girl find the bad guy.

But the storyline loses me because the tale is weak, the art direction and costumes overdone and the effects while visually interesting don't hold me long enough.

In a word it's: Boring.

And again while top dollar was paid for Minaj and Williams, both were wasted as talent for this spot.

It just doesn't make me feel anything towards anything. And part of that reason is because it's more about female empowerment and going after a bad guy than regaining the spirit of Christmas.

And honestly that's what has happened in most of the tv ads this season for the holidays.

They don't have a real Christmas theme in any of them. Are we so PC now that Christmas is banned?

Can Christians not be recognized now?  And the Christmas celebration? Is it to be brushed under the bed and replaced with female empowerment as here or with a crass movie trailer dressed to look like a Christmas message like Paddington?  Or a watered down version of Sesame Street characters lurking under kids beds instead of Christmas?????

All these ads add up to ZERO for Christmas.  Shame on these retailers.

This gets a .5 out of 10. It's pathetic.