Thursday, November 16, 2017

Paddington Bear Xmas pitch from Marks & Spencer "Spend It Well" hohoho

This sucky insipid Paddington is an imposter...with his severely  pointy nose and little beady eyes  short fur and severely angular face which resembles more of a stoat.  He doesn't hold a candle to
the original, sweet faced and cuddly Paddington I know from the story illustrations and bedtime cuddling of my Paddington.

Also this Paddington furthers my imposter theory with a voice that is too old, too Shakespearian Theatre tone of voice which is cloying, irritating and syrupy which backfires into one more giant step away from any endearment factor.

Like the John Lewis' MOZ who is a commercial cross between a Maurice Sendack creation and Sesame Street Cookie Monster this film version of a Paddington Bear who looks totally like a small-time stoat, just doesn't wash. This character was specifically developed for a Paddington bear knockoff he is a franchised character. Consequently this Paddington is a cover of Paddington not even a good one. However his creator Michael Bond's estate is probably laughing all the way to the bank.

For retailing now is the biggest, most commercial time of the year. And this year in particular Britain's old established stores that normally don't go to this commercial extreme are spending millions on their TV spots. That's not new. And usually they are wonderful. But this year you can almost feel the desperation.

Sadly this is my second disappointment so far for the holiday season of 2017.

In this ad Paddington helps a new modern shorn "Santa" deliver gifts in London. Again this 'Santa' looks like another imposter. And part of the 'hook' is his disavowing being Santa.

The music soundtrack has huge symphony swells that seem overwhelming and too cinema-esque for me. It throws the ad even further off-balance. And I am beginning to get the sense that this really is just an elaborate trailer for the new knock-off Paddington movie that is being released I think at Christmas time.

The female voiceover delivers a powerful line: "This holiday spend it well."
Which of course in retail parlance translates as: Spend it at Marks and Spencers. But doubles and triples as a phrase meant to take the edge off the crass blatant spend message.

On a more positive note, like the John Lewis ad, there is no audio mention of the retailers name.
And American holiday ads could take a lesson from this page of the British playbook.

Again big money has been spent on production values but the cinema makeover of both Paddington and Santa just doesn't do it for me.  I see this bear as an interloper and imposter and the fake Santa is just too hipster for me.

It's another swing and a miss for me....3 out of 10 for this one.