Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wipe that smile off your face Vanity Fair !

It's a slow summer here in adworld. So unfortunately for them Vanity Fair Napkins is getting reviewed.

Vanity Fair has just launched a new video campaign hoping to increase it's share of the
paper napkin market. Their biggest everyday competitor?  You guessed it: Bounty paper towels and probably every other paper towel truth be told.

Vanity Fair is perceived as a premium paper product and I am sure premium priced when compared to the paper towels. Most consumers prefer the good old handy paper towel to do a utilitarian mouth wiping mealtime job when it comes to everyday use.

So now their agency Figulio & Partners is tucking this video into places like Instagram and other sites I would assume although I had to copy this URL from another source.

Now onto the ad itself. The production values are terrible. The lighting is dark, the acting is wooden and although I think they are trying to be "ironic" it just plain doesn't work.

The seedy looking dad fishing for crumbs in the kids bib is just a total stomach churner and quite disgusting...and not in a funny is just nasty. I know they probably sold this to the client as a
funny "ewwwwww" memorable moment but honestly, it doesn't fly. All the actors are mute which also doesn't work. There's no ambient sound, no wife interfering with the husband's invading the babies bib and quite honestly it plays like some ridiculous, very local high school student attempt at a tv commercial. The idea is lame. There is virtally no writing and what there is is's just sad.
And the closeup of this nasty dad wiping the corners of his mouth after eating the slop from his kids bib is again just revolting and contrived and almost evil. The casting is nasty, the cheese factor just makes the product seem cheap and the whole thing needs a redo....wipe this up and start over.

Secondly, the cheesy butler could have stolen the show but instead is played straight which is another huge mistake here....

Sometimes cheesy works. Sometimes it doesn't and in this doesn't ....And for a premium napkin trying to be appealing to cro-magnons like this guy it completely backfires. Everything about this ad seems white trash to me.

If you want to extend your usage and still be thought of as a premium product this isn't the answer...

I haven't seen the other videos but I sure hope for Vanity Fair's sake they are a lot better than this.

You can see by the sad cheap sad sad production values this was done on a shoe string budget.  And if it wasn't then Vanity Fair needs to get a better agency.

In fact, I think they should start shopping now.

This is a -5 on my positive 10 point scale.