Thursday, July 6, 2017

The NRA call to arms ad

Ackerman McQueen has been the agency of record for the NRA for over 30 years. Originally the NRA was an organization formed after the Civil War to help train better marksman. And it held marksmanship tournaments. By 1940 there were more civilian rifle clubs than there were golf clubs.*

However today the NRA has become a political hotbed of "them vs. us" "red vs. blue" "conservative vs. liberal" "winner vs. loser" in the fight for the right to bear arms and various other gun policy.

The latest salvo being this highly controversial recruitment ad:

which has garnered over 3 million views and caused a big backlash among liberals and NRA members both.

It is a shocking ad. It is a divisive ad. It draws a line in the sand and comes close to being a NRA
declaration of civil war.

Then when a tsunami of disgust, anger and disbelief was unleashed against this ad, and come'on, you can't tell me the NRA didn't expect this....of course they did.....they then shored up their position with this additional propaganda piece shown on NRATV....didn't know they had their own TV

Ackerman McQueen is obviously working overtime here. They actually have people from the agency onsite at the NRA headquarters so their boots are on the ground and dug in with the NRA as they craft, create and shoot these highly politicized propaganda hate pieces.

It's bait tactics to draw response and get lots of awareness and it's a strategy that's working.

But one must ask: what's the real goal here?  What is the real benefit to the NRA?  What are they hoping to gain by bashing anyone who doesn't walk, talk and think like the NRA?....and by pointedly and deliberately creating a further divide in the general population's perception?

You begin to wonder: Is this recruitment ad for the NRA more than just a recruitment ad for the NRA???

And aren't these NRA propaganda ads in fact a form of political anarchy? Which is just as deadly as the very things they criticize and point at and are saying are causing all the country's problems and dissension?

Have they turned the media into their public beer hall?

It makes me wonder if NRA membership now comes with brown shirts and jackboots. Because more and more these ads are resonating with dark, threatening, heavy handed Mussolini/Hitlerian tactics and overtones.

*Time magazine, 1940.