Monday, May 15, 2017

Lululemon's "This is yoga" should be entitled: "This is bologna"

Lululemon's new global two minute  video expose of their idea of what yoga means in the everyday world uses trite descriptors superimposed over even more trite situations. Their 3 big words are:

Meditation. Breath. Self-discipline. which now become what I call the new bologna-yoga catchall spin against a bunch of visuals like: surfing, clubbing, checkers, drawing...and on and on with various shots of these same.

This creative execution sadly has all the earmarks of  a client/agency group grope. Imagine this scenario:  Everybody who was sitting in on the brainstorm session either held at Lululemon's corporate office or half attended at the office and the other half (the agency half) via Skype. but every person from the client side gets something on the whiteboard just as an idea which becomes the laundry list we see for these two minutes as the  Lululemoners describes what a yoga experience outside of yoga is to them.

So now of course the agency creatives take all these white board suggestions and turn them into this hodge-podge mishmash collection of verbal and visual cliches.

And what we as the viewer are really being exposed to is the Lululemon group hug.

I can just imagine the giggles and delight the Lululemoner brainstorm attendees had when they were shown the final cut of this thing. Why I bet they were  just tickled pink as they each recognized their own 'creative' contribution.

Is this aspirational to the consumer? No.

More importantly, is this going to make the cash registers sing?  No.

Just imagine these words over the visuals:

Meditating about that dog with sauerkraut now that you are doing a downward-facing dog?


Self-discipline is being cool about your butt crack hair showing while in the extended puppy pose?

Because the visuals were so stock boring you could put ANY words in there.....and it would have the same impact.

All in all this is sub parr junior level work.

This is just a fluff piece and seeing this kind of thing being the gold standard for places like Lululemon and The Body Shop and all those other semi-hippy retailers is just so BORING and
PREDICTABLE that it will prove once again to be just another expensive reason for this retailer to blame poor returns on the advertising.

Out of Brooklyn... a place called Virtue (how Lululemony to pick such a place with this name) Worldwide....

I give this sad attempt a point five (.5) out of 10...