Friday, May 5, 2017

What does Progressive Insurance and Colonel Sanders have in common? CHEESE CREATIVE.

Seems the new ad fad is to be ridiculous, meaningless and totally unconcerned about selling your brand.

Perhaps the exhaustive research on Millennials has turned up what we all know to be true about them:
Mainly that they are or know they are ABOVE advertising. Nothing you can say or do reaches them. Millennials were saturated little consumers before they were even born so brands shouldn't even try to break-through that level of entitlement!

What does get to them?  ABSURDITY. Complete and utter ABSURDITY. Anything vapid, kitschy,
anything that can be scorned, laughed at or bullied on social media yet is still PC-ably mundane.

And from this is born the new Progressive ad that mocks in a Millennial-friendly sound bite the kitschy, corny and mind-numbing daytime SOAP OPERA. Bad acting, bad lighting, badly written dialogue, bad clothes, a tacky set, the whole thing is one big satired sound bite of what your mother or nanny or grandmother was addicted to when you were just an ity bitty millennially small kid...
COMPLETE with alternate endings....

Cut to another big brand, this time Colonel Sanders and not only have they chosen Rob Lowe as the new "Colonel" but THEY have decided on using pulp fiction, dime store romance novels with
cheesy writing, cheesy cover, while creating the Colonel as the ultimate romantic can check their efforts out here:

Quite honestly it makes complete sense. I mean how many times do you need to hammer away at what Progressive Insurance can do for you....the message is so simple and been repeated ad-nauseous
only too too many times with poor Flo....who even now is shown as the "maid" who briefly delivers the sell message in a monotone flat "I am really supposed to be a silent character here" mode....cue the laughter.

It's like watching the Gong Show .... surprised no one isn't using that...yet....

And both the Colonel's greasy chicken and Progressive's cheesy kitschy approach to grabbing any kind of eye time from these totally sarcastic oversaturated Millennials is from a Creative standpoint
and Branding standpoint....a risk....a high high risk.

There exists an overtone of "we can out-smug you attitude" dressed in kitschy costumes and funny dialogue and cheesy illustrations and corny storylines developing from these brands that Millennials might begin to see through...not intentionally but more than likely by accident...picture this scenario:

Imagine that out of sheer boredom they read the back of the Macaroni and Cheese box while waiting for the water to boil kinda thing....and while waiting for the water to boil time waster realize the product they're going to eat,  actually sucks. The nutritive value is zero. The actual "ingredients" are not real and even the powdered "cheese" is a ghastly famous yellow phony chemical additive. Yes it tastes good. Yes they have grown up with it. But one day, when they really stop laughing and poking fun themselves and begin to use their little Millennial brains.... who think they all have BIG BRAINS cause that's what mommy and daddy always said to them....they might just begin to put two and two together....

and their big discovery behind all this "fake drama" is maybe a ...... an equally fake product....just like on the back of the macaroni and cheese box.