Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mark Wahlberg vs. Matthew McConaughey

Let's look at the difference between two famous spokespeople for major brands. First Mark Wahlberg for AT&T's newest attempt at regaining customers.

The ad is crammed. Crammed with too much copy. Too many visuals. Too much in too short time. The verbiage is lost because all Mark is doing is a laundry list of add-ons and bundling of your AT&T services. The writing tries to be cool using common 'hip' 'cool' semi-millennial-speak....which falls flat with the see and say visuals. It's boring and makes me want to head as far away from this as I can.

Even though he is getting a $10 million dollar payout, Wahlberg reminds me of an actor that has sunk to doing dinner theatre.

I give this a 3 out of 10.

Now let's watch another A-lister. Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln.

This is a powerful ad.
This spot blends Matthew McConaughey with a moody music track, rich nightime lighting and copy that reminisces about "going back".... it's poetic and brilliantly delivered with real feeling and depth.
Not one mention of the product name. Not one mention of any attributes of the car he is driving. But you the viewer are riveted by the power of this idea. And it is respectful of McConaughey as a person of intelligence, taste and most of all about emotions. This is brilliant, evocative, emotive and memorable. I want to listen and watch this. I am riding with McConaughey in that car.
McConaughey is speaking to me.

AT&T could do this. Wahlberg could do this in his own way...embrace us as we embrace you.

I know this has been parodied but the next batch has McConaughey saying nothing and letting the car say it all. This is the collaboration between McConaughey and Gus Van Sant via ad agency Rouge.

10 for 10 here.