Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Views ARE Different Here

JWT Toronto just released the new Toronto Tourism ad. And while it pays homage to the requisite tourist traps it also tries to send a message of

"The views are different in Toronto. A city where all flavours are welcome, where beauty has many faces, where it's okay to let your guard down. "

Of course the language is accompanied by many quick cuts of people, dining, art, streets, supers etc.etc.
the usual. Admittedly the editing is good for the spot.

But to me there is a fatal flaw and political pandering going on here by singling out and showcasing "Drake" in concert. It's pathetic that Toronto acts like he is the only game in town and he is our ambassador only because he is recognizable outside the city. With his lame "We the 6" which has added remarkably to his bottom line for T-shirts and other paraphernalia,  he may not have much talent as a rapper but he sure knows how to market himself. People forget he is half Jewish and came from money. And he certainly has "branded" himself as Toronto's authentic street guy.  All this flies in the face of the reality that Drake is building that huge gauche monster house where already he has illegally ripped out many many old old beautiful trees to make room for it on the Bridle Path. Pathetic.

For all I know, Drake was consulted for 'creative input' on this tourism effort....he is so able to mention Toronto as much as he can in his lyrics, why Toronto has made him their
liberal and open embracing of diversity mascot....which seems to fit right into Toronto's theme.

And my disappointment as always, is the irony that Drake "plays" Toronto to his financial advantage
and the creatives at JWT can't see that, don't want to see that or are too immature to see that.

I give this a 4 out of 10. Nothing new and different here tourism-wise for making Toronto "different" in the way of this creative execution.