Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Power of Diversion

Budweiser's Super Bowl ad about a German immigrant, Adolphus Busch making his way to St. Louis and lamely showing a drawing of what looks to be a pretty current bottle design from today to a Mr. Eberhart Anheuser, his future partner (how fast that connection happened) has become the fodder of supposed controversy. Not about the bottle design...that's my thing as an ad person but about of course the current political travel bans to the U.S.

This is great free PR for Bud as if they need it, but hey it's FREE. And it creates a Diversion away from the real political dramas that are unravelling the U.S. currently.

Since everyone is focussed on the beer commercial, I am going to focus on how Diversion can be a handy tool in a hotbed of politics where like a magic trick, you Divert the "mark" in this case, the US public with one thing: i.e.: this Bud spot, while something else is being changed or "the switch" is happening right in front of our eyes.

This is a great technique and is used for politics worldwide. And in this case, the Bud spot helps the U.S. political machine tremendously in softening the blow of the extreme measures current and  yet to come. The bonus of this is it allows for a whole bunch of Superbowl fans to harmlessly vent and decry the political landscape of the travel bans during the commercial breaks from the comfort of their couches while the little woman compliantly replenishes the wings, nachos n chips and of course their Buds.

What is interesting about all this is the general public really isn't all that interested in the real politics that are going on. And when I say 'real' I mean, for example, the fresh appointment of a new Supreme Court judge, which now takes a back seat and sub-space headline in most media news with the Bud ad being the big 'scoop' and top story of the day.

Again, Divert the public with something mundane or unsolvable like the Bud ad while President Trump chooses a Supreme Court judge that tips the balance of the court tremendously against many existing laws that have been hard fought for and passed years ago and that now, in light of this pick, could very soon be in jeopardy. Fundamental individual rights are at risk of being lost before our eyes with the implications of this judge sitting for the rest of his lifetime as a Supreme Court Judge.

While we are Diverted to grouse about a Bud ad that will be forgotten in a week instead of getting up off the couch and really finding out what rights will be taken from us with this Supreme Court pick, we just worry about whether we have enough Bud and nachos to last the Super Bowl game.

You tell me who's winning this bigger game.