Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Aging and Loneliness at Christmas

Two poignant stories about the invisible lives of Seniors as they fall by the wayside at Christmas.
Tastefully written monologues by agency DRUM, performed by two established British actors James Bolam and Miriam Margoyles while directed by Liz Unna at Independent Films. These two TV spots speak for the charity Age UK's phone line. Both messages end with the fabulous tag line:  "No one should have no one."  It's to encourage Seniors to call and speak to someone when they need to hear a human voice.

These messages stand as a reminder to us all that many many people live silent lonely lives.  These are our Elders. In many cultures the Elders are revered, cared for and sought after for advice and
council, but less and less in our western world.

Again it's the British bringing us this message.