Thursday, October 20, 2016

RIP Snoopy

Metlife kills Snoopy.

Today Metlife announced the death of their beloved and long time spokes dog Snoopy.

Snoopy faithfully served Metlife as their mascot and companion for over thirty years (almost 170 dog years.) For years Snoopy loyally helped humans understand the complexities of Metlife's insurance plans. Snoopy was commanding in 
his abilities to always perform to the human's need for simple, humorous and loving connections. His contribution to 
Metlife was invaluable. He helped set Metlife apart from the pack of bad dog insurance companies. 

Snoopy represents a time when advertising was creative and fun. Snoopy represents an era where he could bridge the gap
between complex ideas and misgivings humans held about insurance by acting as a symbol of reassurance and calm.

Now Metlife has decided to pink slip Snoopy because they feel he has no place in corporate America, the area Metlife has decided to focus their efforts on.  Even a 'bring your dog to work' campaign would be perceived as a flea bitten idea in this new corporate thrust. 

“We brought in Snoopy over 30 years ago to make our company more friendly and approachable during a time when insurance companies were seen as cold and distant,” said Esther Lee, MetLife’s global chief marketing officer. “Snoopy helped drive our business and served an important role at the time.”

So it goes. As Metlife now heads into the cold and distant corporate boardrooms of the world, perhaps they will reflect upon a finer time, a simpler time, and at some point down this road, who knows....perhaps Snoopy will rise again like a
phoenix only this time to enlighten uptight and reluctant CEO's.

RIP Snoopy. And know you may be gone, but not forgotten.

I have had a day or two to mourn the loss of Melife and Snoopy and the questions that keep popping up for me are:

1.) Snoopy represents the domestic side of the brand i.e.: home, life insurance, car insurance

yet they are dropping Snoopy to focus on the CORPORATE side of business. 

Well why do you have to drop Snoopy?  He isn't even remotely part of the business side?

Couldn't you KEEP SNOOPY for all the domestic and local business and do something cold and corporate for the cold and corporate side????

I don't know why they sacrificed Snoopy for a part of their business that has no imprint on the other.

But they walked away from 30 years (170 dog years) of domestic brand building and investment
in a character that had grown to become synonymous with the brand. The equity in Snoopy is huge.

To throw away your equity because people's recognition is so automatic to me is absurd. And this 
change to focus on the business side is fine, but you could have just let Snoopy  keep doing his business for the real folks.... and not walk away from your base.