Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To: Let Toys Be Toys, Marjorie Blackman and all other self righteous PC POLICE


Two self-appointed PC groups that stand as "watchdogs" for any kind of public messaging that might
be geared to steering your child into a sexist "gender" direction have swooped down on GAP kids for their Fall Back to School email campaign. In one ad it shows a very young little girl (oops, maybe I am making an assumption here that I might be held up as indicating a gender that I shouldn't)....wearing a pair of kitten ears headband and a "pink"....ooops there I go again, she or he or whatever gender this little person is is wearing of all things PINK!!! OMG....pink should be OUTLAWED as a color!  I really think the "Let Toys Be Toys" people and Ms. Blackman are missing an even BIGGER ISSUE here....PINK ... the color.....should never be used on any gender of any kind or really on anything because it means gosh, do I dare say this it means.... GIRL....there! I have said it....please don't report me for that....I am just pointing out how PINK should NEVER be used EVER again....AND to top it all off....this gender neutral young person is wearing horror of horrors.....one step even further over the PC line....the letter "G"..... again Let Toys Be Toys and Ms. Blackman, do not report me for this but I must say what that "G" in your eyes must be representing....could it be...
GIRL??? OMG OMG  so sorry so sorry..... that is a word that should be against the law to ever say, use or indicate as a gender to anyone of any age. I realize how sensitive everyone is to that word and it's implications. But may I venture another opinion?  Perhaps, just perhaps that "G" might mean:  GAP?  Ya think???? Can we give them the benefit of the doubt on this one???  Let's toss them that bone shall we???  And how DARE GAP imply that this little gender neutral person should be the only sociable one!!! What a thing to say!!!! That this gender neutral little person should be so labelled is .... well words fail me....but reach for my cell and dial my civil liberties lawyer immediately on this one!

And we haven't even gotten to the other example. The you know....BLUE one....ooops now here we go again with another stereotypical color coding that is gender specific that should be absolutely
OUTLAWED. How dare GAP! And to add insult to injury, we have a MISSPELLED T-shirt, someone call Einstein's agent and SUE SUE SUE!!!!

Why after we get done with this, GAP should at the very least issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY...for creating such revolutionary and controversial ads that when viewed, will have a deep psychological impact on any young genderless children in their formative years,  for the rest of their lives.

PARENTS BEWARE....and I suggest to GAP that they post a notice that these ads contain a "trigger" that may offend some people when viewed. That is the least GAP can and should do to rectify their reckless use of these innocents in such alarming and controversial ads.

Shame on GAP. Shame of big bad advertising. Shame on us for not complaining. Thank you PC Police: Let Toys Be Toys and Ms. Marjorie Blackman for once again rescuing us from such shocking  and inappropriate materials. You have taken us one step closer to closing the GAP in your ongoing vigilance and fight for gender stereotyping.