Monday, February 15, 2016

SuperBowl 50 Commercials

I always feel like the Grinch when it comes to the Superbowl commercials because, quite frankly, to me very few really pass muster. But you know, the industry has to build hype and relevance around the annual event to keep it relevant and keep those media moguls making the SuperBowl commercial airspace the most expensive and heady opportunity to showcase your wares.

That being said just two and a half campaigns stand out for me (sigh)....the first is the Heinz catsup weiner dogs running to the catsup bottles. How many years ago was it that running through fields and meeting up was the newest commercial trick du jour? Well long enough ago that we can reprise it now to the Millennials and they don't remember a thing....haha....we are so lucky to have this new group of consumers, because all their attention spans are quite short....lucky for the ad game. None the less, this chestnut is cute. And I know why. It's those darling dogs in the hot dog costumes that just get us going....we all love our this was a great way for Heinz to showcase not one, not two but the whole lineup of their catsup condiment variables....and in a totally engaging way. So good for Heinz.

I also kind of liked Drake for TMobile....because it so resonated with me how clients take a great spot
and try to cram it full of all the legaleze and boring stuff that can only be found on the legal agreement document everybody is required to "Agree" with. That was funny and also a great way to satisfy just that boring was cute.

Saving the best for last for me was the first time ever on the SuperBowl roster campaign for (Agency RPA) with Wheezy LilWayne, Jeff Goldblum,  George Washington, a choir and the whole Jefferson's's fun and brilliant. They evidently received like 50 million internet hits on this....and the idea is just a real slam dunk for all ages. This moves up to be top of mind for all apartment rentals's just the best....