Friday, November 6, 2015

The annual John Lewis Christmas Commercial

Every year I eagerly await the John Lewis Christmas Commercial. Because I know John Lewis is going to sum up in 30 seconds all the things Christmas is about. Lewis doesn't worry about shilling products, about models showing stuff, about their logo and their name being repeated every two seconds. About tons of products stuffed into one commercial.
Year after year, John Lewis rises above the commercialism they so dominate.

Lewis portrays the season of giving by demonstrating it in such a singularly powerfully beautiful, simple, heartwarming way. Always with a simple story. Always with kids.

Lewis makes these Christmas messages of 30 seconds a completely magical moment. Melting our hearts, once again, for one time a year, into that of a child.

Not with lots of gimmicks. Not with lots of garish old hackneyed Christmas chestnuts but with taste and with feeling, sensitivity and dignity.

And it makes everyone LOVE John Lewis for doing this.

The work is always heart wrenching. The work is always brilliant. The work is always top-drawer production values. The work stands as a testament to the calibre of company John Lewis is.

And I view this as a John Lewis' gift to the consumer.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

What has Ikea got that others don't?

Let's face it. Ikea is cheap furniture you have to put together with ONE universal tool.

The designs are sleek, very minimal which is great for small spaces and cheap.

But they have a certain cache because they are designed and prefabbed in Sweden, which
dials up the 'cool' factor and dials down the 'cheap' factor.

What also helps are the dozens and dozens of Swedish-born accessories that are colourful, useful, charming and of course, cheap.

Globally their advertising is first rate and clever. And one of the reasons I think it is is because
if I had the chance to peek over an agencies copy of their global creative strategy I imagine
the very first word at the top of the page after their logo is:


Make our brand, make our position, make our products, make our experience:   FUN

And I think this spot created for the Grand Opening of a Store in Cheras Malaysia created by BBH Asia Pacific, does this hands down. Take a look and I dare you not to be at least toe tapping half way through;)

What this ad has is the perfect retail blend of great Art Directing and Copywriting....clever and balanced the use of the all yellow b.g. with puppeteers manipulating various items in the store combines with some of the best use of store stock items used as a double entedre I have ever heard in an engaging, musical effect. Using the store stock as dancers and magically bringing them to life in this broadway musical effect is wonderfully clever and award worthy work. This is not simple. The production values, editing, use of color, stop motion in some cases and I am sure computer animations here are amazing, complicated and made to all sync with the music and copy.
It's brilliant, fun and makes you smile.
10 for 10 on my scale.