Friday, June 5, 2015

Top Effie award winner

Every once in awhile I see ads that make me say:  This is why I am in the advertising business.
Mullen Lowe deservedly has taken the Grand Effy for this fantastic American Greetings ad.

                                             All I can say is grab some tissues and watch!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Poo with Panache

Ackermania Creative proves that online video advertising works if it contains the basics of all great ads:
1. A big idea   2. Great script writing  3. Quality production values which Joel Ackerman and his
partner Jay P Morgan have shown. It's the best way for small brands to compete with the big brands.

Joel comes from a comedic background. Because of this, he utilizes his humour in his writing to bring the necessary irreverence needed to pull off this kind of messaging. No ad guy here, no having had to fight his way through endless internal meetings presenting and defending and conceding to minutia driven strategic "must haves" that wears most creatives and their work down before it even gets presented to a client.

And small brands, the upstarts, are willing to take the risks you need to take to get noticed now.

When I first saw these spots I thought they were British. Not because the spokesperson is British but because of the calibre of the writing, the quality of delivery, the production values and the irreverence for the product. I was amazed to see it was out of L.A.

Jay P. Morgan, Ackerman's partner, brings his commercial photography, film credentials to video with shots that look cinematic. The art direction, attention to lighting and detail, the editing, it's all crisp and interesting. Each spot moves along quickly and without any kind of production value hitch. This is high quality work. The audio and video work together seamlessly to create a strong message. Morgan doesn't do any gimmicks here...which if he did, would turn this charmer into poo.

The casting is a brilliant juxtaposition. These are quality actors, well directed and delivering a message that could be easily over-acted or border on buffoonery but isn't. Each spot has the right amount of twinkle in the actors eyes. This calibre of acting restraint comes from directing you would expect from the likes of a Joe Pytka or Wes Anderson.

Big brands and big agencies can learn from these results. To quote Joel Ackerman, who sounds more like an account executive here: "Online video advertising is more expansive, less expensive, searchable, shareable--incomparable--expedient, significant--most magnificent--instantly trackable, easily testable, precise in targeting--effective marketing."

First and foremost it ALWAYS depends on the content....once again, if the idea is poo so will the results be.

In that regard, nothing changes.