Monday, April 27, 2015

Step right up and see the two headed lady ....

Welcome to the Show.

Hurry hurry hurry step right up! Watch the little blind lady tell you her story about what she sees as beauty.
And in this ring, the little girl will fake a Lena Denham attitude about how life really is now in the world of eleven year old self discovery.
And over in this ring smell dead peoples scents in a bottle to forever remind you of your dead Mom or Gran.

This stuff, all featured in "Creativity" is tasteless garbage. Sheer FREAKSHOW garbage. 

But what can you expect when there are no boundaries any more? Every day real news and real life is 
replaced with freak accidents, extreme freak sexual identities or lack thereof, rights for this and rights for that, lawsuits against this insensitivity or that political correctness infraction, wear a ribbon to get money for this and crowd fund for money for that...extreme reality shows that pander to the lowest common denominator.

it's all in your face 24/7....and it's all a 3 ring  FREAK SHOW.  

We have been fed this garbage for ever.  

And because we are only shown "selective" creative by all the industry publications; AdWeek, Creativity, Marketing, AdNews, etc etc. from really a very few shops over and over and over again, we have come to expect this level of crap as being award-worthy. And so it gets the awards and the PR and the ink coverage until finally, you begin to think this is really the gold standard. I mean, you begin to question your own sense of creative rightness.

After all. Who are we to question Ogilvy? They have enough hardware to sink a battleship for this Olay beauty campaign and have milked it for years. However, if you were to really look at the sum of the work they did, there are some major cracks in this campaign. But one great initial campaign inevitably leads to variations on this same theme. And of course, although no one will ever say so, they long ago started eating their own tail by using cheap tricks like 
a police (man) who usually renders women that have been raped, missing or murdered now elevated to  a person who is capable of rendering beauty as described by slick copywriting and even slicker female acting.
But lets not stop there, we have to top that with the even more macabre campaign of blind women describing beauty. To me this is beyond the pale.  It's creepy, tasteless and sad to me.

So along comes Leo who cleans up on the Webby's for a smart-assed eleven year old that has a mouth headed towards potty quicker than her usage of fem hi products and who is directed to show little if any respect for her "Mother" what? How dare we question this....why it's Ogilvy after all or Leo for heavens of the "Big Boy" AAAA's who pays pays pays pays to get ink in these pubs. Just their media buys makes any other agencies total revenues look paltry. 

So who am I to say they aint creative huh?? 

I was mentored to believe that as a Creative person in the ad industry, we had a tremendous amount of responsibility. Not just to the clients and their brands but to the public at large. We were supposed to be the futurists. We had it in us to set the stage for trends and attitudes and were the social compass. There was dignity and class and great pride from that. That was the DDB's, the Ogilvy's,
the Leo's we all wanted to work for.

Now "creative" departments all think they are doing breakthrough work because it's digital and the standard has become McLuhan's prophecy of the medium being the message.

Now Creative is all about SEO's and CS6,7,whatever and html and coding, YouTube and flash 

and anything BUT great ideas.