Friday, June 6, 2014

And Detroit Shall Rise Again...

Chrysler is launching a new campaign from The Richard's Group out of Dallas touting the new mid-size sedan as being handcrafted, full of "swagger and soul." From people who have ideas, intelligence and are "born makers."

The TV spot is perfectly voiced with Detroit's own Kevin Yon.  His gritty delivery of  "strong backs" and "calloused hands" augmented by strong visuals of tatoos and hard hats, makes you feel the sweat and labor quotent.

It's anthemic, of course, as all the Chrysler spots have been. But now it feels less heavy handed. This 200 entry is up against imports from Honda and Toyota of course, who lead the pack. But this mid-size may be biting at their heels. It is sleek and looks impressive seen winding through the streets of Detroit.  It's an attractive looking mid-size sedan, a category Chrysler needs to seriously occupy.

While the mood and tone definitely speaks to the male skew, I think women will also be attracted to this   car ad with its own "swaggar" as they say.  The copy is rich and descriptive. The tag is now: "America's Import" which takes over from the previous: "Imported from Detroit"...which I loved. But this new tag is bigger and more inclusive and definitely more anthemic.

The spot is musically supported with a new rendition of Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed". It's a well done rendition and doesn't vampire the spot by being too loud, vocals by Detroit singer MoZella, who subtly supports it. This is what music in TV ads should do. And it is well mixed and delivers
additional richness to the tone and manner plus subtly reinforcing the idea that Chrysler is a new idea.

I really like this spot. I think it's right on the money for the brand. It made me watch twice and
I think the overall execution is such that unlike most car spots where you can't wait to hit
the mute, this will have a longer, bigger appeal.

Richard's Group won the assignment over Wieden & Kennedy, Doner and Global Hue.

I am all about watching Detroit rise again and re-invent itself and be about "making things" which is what this country is founded on and needs to get back to. This spot says this in all the right ways.