Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why is Advertising obsessed with finding the

It seems ad agencies are constantly trying to find the ever elusive next big thing that will be THE ANSWER to all advertisers woes, the magic elixir that will up sales and part the waters of flat gains. Let's see, first it was the internet, then it was email blasts, then it was Facebook likes, then Twitter, then SEO's, then QR codes, then flash mobs, then crowd sourcing, now it's phone apps, every kind of data mining, now the storytelling bit, YouTube hits gone viral and the list just goes on and the end it's all so pathetic and more akin to buckshot than any silver bullet.

Why can't we just sit back, take a deep breath and begin to realize that North America is one big saturated market. It peaked waaaay back a long time ago. To be relevant you cannot constantly tell people they need more STUFF to already over-stuffed people by peppering them with half-baked bad gimmicks parading as ads at every turn.

Just look around. It's everywhere.  Fractured, unfocussed and unregulated messaging has gone viral. This epidemic has lost its BALANCE. Advertisers rush to try the newest silver bullet at the cost of other much more important basics that are needed to keep a brand top of mind.

It's time to go back to the basics.


One of the ways I measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign is by my unconcious level of  ANTICIPATING when and what the next ad will be. Yep, you read that UNconcious
level of anticipating when and what the next ad will be. In other words, my curiosity or my "like"
of the current ad is strong enough that I look forward to, or am anticipating, the next one.

What that means is: I have resonated deeply with not just the ad, but also the product it represents.
And that means, I have formed an impression. I have a good feeling for this product and how it is
represented. It doesn't presume a sale...not yet...afterall we are just at the flirting stage. But it makes me feel good when I see the ad. Makes me dream. Makes me project. Makes me want. But I still might need a bit more encouragement. Yes, please, give me one, because I want to be sure...