Monday, March 24, 2014

"He once parallel parked a train..."Dos Equis beer campaign

I have been meaning to write about this marvelous campaign for some time. Having worked on both big and small beer brands, I know how difficult they can be.
And how challenging creatively they can be.

Here's a fabulously irreverent campaign that encapsulates every man's idea of a man. He is the "most interesting man in the world". How brilliantly insightful. This really is a man's dream. And Havas Worldwide saw the opportunity for a small, Mexican beer brand to come from out of the left field of nowhere and grab some serious market share with this gem of a campaign.

It's little brands like this that take big chances. And why not. They really have nothing to lose. Dos Equis knows it is a small niche brand up against mircros, macros, and everything inbetween.
So they came out of the gate with a position that mirrors their spokesperson:

Dos Equis. The most interesting beer campaign in the world.

It's every copywriter's dream. Every art director's chance to shine. What fun.

Everything about this campaign is right: the music, the tone of voice, the casting...and the line:

"I don't always drink beer.  But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends."

It's perfect. 5 stars to Havas Worldwide.

**Let's hope as this brand begins to mature and build share (which it is solidly doing) it doesn't lose sight of that which made it so.  Now is the time for Havas to be ultra diligent in maintaining this brand'stone of voice and not making him slide into an ordinary corporate spokesman. I say this because there was also an Instagram message that although sprinkled with some of the verbage and tone of the most interesting man, began to weigh more into corporate-speak boredom.