Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Got Milk?......Not anymore...

This entry should be titled:  Why don't you just start over from the beginning and rerun it again?

I am going to make this short and sweet. Keep in mind the name of this blog:
Advertising Hits and Misses.
Here we see two launch spots. The ad on the top is the first spot ever run for the milk board with the
tag line: got milk.

The ad on the bottom is just out for the milk board with the
tag line: milk life.

Let's do a comparison here. You know, like the Pepsi taste test kinda thing:

First watch one commercial, then watch the other.

Then ask yourself:

Which ad tells the most interesting story?

Which ad has the strongest visual appeal?

Which ad would you enjoy watching again and again?

Which ad makes you smile?

Which ad makes you want a glass of milk?

If both ads were to run today, which ad would have a higher recall?

Which ad makes you think: I wish I had done that.