Thursday, February 20, 2014

Native Advertising, Prankvertising the old shell games...

Advertising is still viewed by many as 'smoke and mirrors' or 'selling snake oil' or 'subliminal seduction'. Just look at all the vast amount of technical garbage that now pops-up or banners or streaks across your screen or saps your battery power.

The holy grail for advertisers is to go viral.

And is it any wonder?

Instead of advertisers being bold and selective about their messaging, they've opted for pranks and tricks and Youtube counts as their yardstick for success. Companies don't seem to care about sales, no that went by the boards a long time ago, but by "views" and "likes" and "thumbs-ups".  Instead of real bottom line dollars in real sales, now everything is measured in projected values of views and times seen converted to dollar values.

If this isn't the ultimate smoke and mirrors, I don't know what is. And now it's the advertisers themselves who are being "punked" by  false stats on monetary value to a brand.

And it makes the brands seem so desperate. Desperate in finding a place. Desperate in finding any really sustainable message. Desperate to be seen at any cost.

Is this the idea? The old p.r. trick of any kind of press is better than no press?

When a brand's mandate to its creative and ad agency is: create something that goes viral...
it is the death knell for any real advertising.

Going viral doesn't mean anything.