Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Jenga played big with two Caterpillar machines demonstrating their precision against the Stravinsky soundtrack used originally for March of the Brooms in Walt Disney's Fantasia....brilliant. Even though it seems a bit burdened with all the supers, the spot still works.

Isn't it amazing how some companies just get what advertising is all about! Up until now this has been a category only earth movers could ever love. But with brilliant thinking this very small niche market has learned how to bridge the gap and carve a place in even the hardest segment to reach which they probably didn't even think about : the general consumer.

This spot showcases how "delicate" these big, ugly and to us, the general population, monsterous machines can be. They have been taken from the "monster/scary" category to "playful and fun" category. And it is capitavating to see these powerhouses do this demanding and precise kind of dance.
As the music begins to go faster and faster it builds the tension that of course makes you wonder
when the guy in the hardhat is going to get crushed by one of these pieces.

It showcases their highly skilled capabilities of strength and agility without being pedantic and boring. It makes the work interesting and the demonstration holds your interest because you can see how heavy these game pieces are and that really this is no messing around here. It is precise and carefully orchestrated to prove a point.

Orchestrating this demonstration I am sure was very complicated. But it is made to look easy and simple. Another product benefit. And the music is perfect because it takes the demonstration to a more whimsical place. Imagine how boring this would have been with a "serious" voiceover, you know, the kind of videos you used to sit through in health class and the usual bland music, if any. Someone(s) at Ogilvy saw this as a chance to elevate this assignment and these machines benefits from the usual humdrum salesman's powerpoint presentation to a product demonstration that captures the imagination.

Ten stars to Ogilvy.

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