Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Boys at Dollar Shave Club are trying to beat the big boys butts with butt wipes for men

These guys are trying to carve out a men's market going up against the big boys like Wilkinson, Gillette, and now the paperproduct guys like P&G and Kimberly Clarke.

Dollar Shave Club's irreverent delivery I am sure totally resonates with their young, cool target. Their cost-cutting online merchandising club I am sure also resonates with this target, especially in these economic times.

And they are giving the Fortune 500 Guys a run for their money. And why not? It's the first really innovative David and Goliath marketing effort I have seen lately...or ever. Even if these two enrepreneurs only get .5 market share, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

In less than a week since this went to YouTube it has almost 1 million views. Again the CEO and
writer/spokesperson for their second product is Michael Dubin. While I don't think the writing is
as tight as his first effort, he uses the name of the product: One Wipe Charlies as a "theme" to
make the target feel they are a tongue in cheek, portable necessity when on the battlefield of life.

It's clever, it's going to make them more money than blades probably and makes me curious to see what manly market entry these guys are going to wipe up with next.

Standing the Test of Time

One of my all-time favorite ads is for the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin TX. Originally I credited their agency Sanders/Wingo for this brilliant stroke of genius. However, when speaking with them, they told me in fact, it was not them who created this. It remains a mystery. But worth embedding here again.

What makes this "negative sell" work is the fact that it's a customer, who in fact promotes the theatre's policy by their own behaviour. It's great.

Watch again or for the first time. I love the use of the typography. I love that it's unedited and uncensored. I love that it so irreverently speaks for all those with cell phone addictions.

And that it turns a negative into a positive. Great stuff.