Friday, March 9, 2012

Dollar Shave Club

Each Friday I receive the "Ads You Must See" from Marketing Magazine. It's my end of week treat.
There are always 4 ads from around the world the person writing the column deems worthy or not worthy of our attention. This week there seemed to be a bad run of 3 skewing to St. Patrick's Day. However, there was one gem which I am going to embed here. It is for: Dollar Shave Club.
Invariably, the best ads can be done for next to nothing in production dollars because the idea is worth a million bucks. And Dollar Shave Club has nailed it. The writing is great. The spokesperson for the website and product is cute and the verbage is irreverant and edgy, perfect for guys in this target. There is an undertone of the Rhett and Link ad school working here in the production and scope of the writing, but this is much more polished and professional which leads me to believe some very very clever copywriter has used Rhett and Link as his/her muse. Regardless, this is clever, it defines the product and benefits, creates a tone of voice for the brand and brings back good old fashioned hard sell without seeming so, on a shoestring budget. My kinda stuff. Once again, cudos to whoever did this work...check it out...