Friday, June 10, 2011


Sanders Wingo is a smallish independent Texas agency. They handle mostly regional accounts from what I have seen on their website. One is the El Paso Convention Board. I have embedded a short version of a much longer video they did probably for some kind of meeting for the board. I am sure they used existing footage or a mix of existing and some shot to enhance the music.

Having worked on tourism myself, we all are asked to cobble these kinds of PowerPoint, rally videos and I have almost gone cross-eyed going down this same path for another state.

But what Sanders Wingo so cleverly does, is edit the footage to a very powerful music track,  limiting their copy to maybe two sentences. The net result is you are pulled into the rhythm and synchronicity of the visuals and music. The TexMex feeling of it becomes powerfully tribal.

They also do this for State Farm Insurance. Still beauty shots of great restored 50's cars against a strong and very appropriate music track.

Where most agencies today treat and view audio as filler and white noise, Sanders Wingo proves how  emotive it can be and makes it an essential part of the end result.

I love this agency. They do fresh, original, tasteful work. The idea is king and you know this by the lack of big production values. It's their level of thinking, their level of writing, their level of ideas, their use of strong emotive music and even more brilliant is their use of holding back, that answers one of their main criteria: "is it magical".

Check them out: