Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walmart does it right with the Martin Agency

Walmart's ad campaign from the Martin Agency is fabulous.
The series feature a few seconds opening with several items. Some I am sure, are shown and mentioned because alone, they don't constitute enough revenue to get a commercial, but as part of a group they warrant a see and say (which is very clever on the agency's part). So items relevant to the story coming up are featured on the checkout belt before the spot begins. Then we get the scenario for using the items by kids ages oh 4 to 7 I would guess. The 3 spots I have seen so far have been charming. One for skin cream, one for fabric softener and laundry detergent and another for a chain saw and shortening.

The thing about Walmart and its ads is they are such a huge chain, with many years of advertising behind them from every agency known to man. Some are good spots but none have been great, until now. I can only imagine how difficult it is to sell in anything charming or funny to the boys from Benton. But Martin Agency has managed to do it. And to incorporate the co-oping of products relevant to these spots upfront is a brilliant way to answer what I am sure was probably a strategy "must have" seamlessly into the spots.

What is also great is the directing. Whoever is handling the shoots for these is a genius. The kids are really natural in their delivery. Which is what makes these commercials so very special.

The tone, the attitude, the delivery, the writing and art directing are bang on. Kudos to the Martin Agency who has shown us that having a behemoth account like Walmart doesn't mean you have to give up and sacrifice great creative, which every other agency that's ever worked with them has done.