Monday, April 4, 2011

Discover Card - Peggy Customer Service #1

Discover Peggy

The Martin Agency does it again: this time for the Discover Card. The folks at that shop just know how to deliver great funny work on huge accounts and they do it seamlessly. The agency obviously has tapped into a few of the consumer's biggest gripes about credit cards: 1.) the rewards systems 2.) customer service and 3.) replacing a lost card and on and on and on.... and Peggy can address all these problems and more....and so he does with brilliant writing, fabulous acting and a charming set. These spots can't help but make you smile and better yet, colorfully tap into the consumer's imagination of who is really on the other end of their customer service calls. This is brilliant, charming, memorable and has all the right stuff that great advertising is all about. Cudos to a big agency that sold this to Discover Card. Martin Agency disproves the idea that big accounts can't be managed well and can't deliver great creative. My hat's off to everybody there from Account Service to Planners to Creative because these folks are showing the rest of us how you take care of big business!!!