Monday, January 31, 2011

Kitty Midnight Madness

Now this is a great ad for the Winnipeg Humane Society. It's fun, cute, well written, and very very charming.

The monolog is a parody of a used car salesman and works beautifully for hawking an overabundance of cats and kitties. The video is strictly low budget just like you find on your local tv stations, shot with a cheap digital camera and transferred to scotch tape hahaha. Which makes it even more charming. Forget any production values here it is lots of quick cuts to kitty calendar cutouts and badly photoshopped cats popping on couches torn and mended with duck tape.

I love his "buy one and get five free" claim hahaha and the "scratch and dent" models for kittys who have been through some spats.
This is a great way to make saving an animal less serious and dire. There's no sob stories, no begging or tear jerking guilt. "Looks like someone left the kitty making machine on overnight and we have a cat-astrophe on our hands." hahahaha.
Very very clever writing. I bet there was a lineup at the Winnipeg Humane Society after this ran. He made pet ownership seem fun.