Monday, September 6, 2010

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Vintage Old Spice Commercial - 1957

Old Brand Gets Face Lift

Old Spice is one of those brands that just keeps staying afloat. It has been around forever. My Dad used to have a bottle of this stuff on his dresser. And this year, it has swept the Cannes Award show with Best in Show for its new campaign that shows a hot guy in nothing but a towel and some fancy blue screen tricks visually that take him from shower to shore. So what makes this so different for the brand? One word ATTITUDE. The writing is strong and creates a kind of he-man listen to me do as I say girl approach. He commands you; literally when he says: "look at me now look at your man, now back to me" where he is in complete control of your imagination. It is some of the best writing I have heard in 30 seconds for a long time. It also helps that the casting was absolutely right on for this spokesperson. He is handsome, built and real eye candy for women. And he comes across as the kind of man every woman dreams would take control of her lacklustre life. He is literally telling her what to do; but in a great non-condescending, non-threatening very sexy way. It isn't a new idea having a spokesperson to revitalize a brand...that idea is as old as the hills. What is new is the ATTITUDE. And it really works. Look at the difference from an early Old Spice TV spot to the one currently running; The two spots are to the right in the archive area for this posting. Click on an old one and then view the new one by clicking on it to see just how far this brand has evolved.