Saturday, March 20, 2010

Perfect Storm

Facebook and Greenpeace have joined forces in beginning to make a huge statement about Nestle and their use of ruining the rainforest and endangering the orangutang by close cutting to obtain palm oil. In today's Marketing the article and ad which depicts a young corporate guy taking his midday snack with a Nestle chocolate bar is a grisly reminder of what we are doing to our planet.
The worse part is that Nestle and their p.r. department have taken a strict defensive attitude about the misuse of the wordmarks, products etc. onto Facebook....big mistake.

This battle could well be a real game changer for many brands. Right now Facebook and Greenpeace have Nestle on the run. And Nestle's true colors have been shown in their comments.

I have new respect for Facebook and its power.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Children see, children do.

This spot is still so great I want to move it up to be seen again. I t is a FABULOUS not for profit idea that is timeless.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A breath of fresh air in Detroit...

Detroit is certainly suffering from a mass exodus of manufacturing and the money it used to bring. The downtown seems to have a pulse. However, driving on the interstate you still see many boarded and abandoned houses and buildings, which is eerie. Poking up through the ruin are some hardy ad agencies. I am not talking about the big boys, the old car agencies like the Leo's and the BBDO's, the Y&R's oh no, they are just as much dinosaurs as the big 3 they used to represent. I am talking about a few independent small shops.

One in particular is in Ann Arbor; Perich Advertising.

They tout a respectable client list both local and regional. Not one ad in their portfolio is shabby. Everything they do is really smart. Perich has the kind of work that as a creative person you drool and say: Wish I had done that. I like their culture, approach and attitude in all they seem to do for their clients. The work is clean, intelligent, well thought out and memorable. The writing is simple, articulate and superb. The art directing is tastefully crafted with a mature, intelligent eye. The ideas are memorable. All seems balanced and focused and dare I

That's the good news.

The bad news is their website.

It is overly done, overly cute-sy, overly difficult to navigate and just plain tries too hard for my taste. It is the opposite of their work. I hate to ever use this word, especially since the portfolio is so great, but their website is .... corny. Just trying to manoeuvre through and around the corniness of it, not to mention the difficulty in really seeing what and who they are within it, leaves a bad impression. It is so out of keeping with all else they do. Because a website is usually your first impression of an agency these days, Perich needs to seriously address this and have the site reflect them in the same tone and manner as the work they do for others. If I were a client, or prospective client landing on this site, I would cringe at the thought that a meeting with them would mean a level of shtick comparable to whoopee cushions on the boardroom chairs, bad jokes and buzzers in their palms.

Put up with the site and check them out despite it at: