Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Spot

Bombardier has a sweet spot for its design of the Olympic Torch.


Handled by Taxi, it is simple, direct and touchingly human. I love an ad that makes you smile at the end. To me that is the ultimate connection. And the ad speaks volumes about a company without having to be boring or corporate.

Good job Taxi.

I also noticed my friend, "Little Salty" is back. This time he is a real loser, trying to hold up a jewelry store or something, not quite sure what...but obviously driven to the edge by rejection. Well as I said in an earlier post and as I now see "Little Salty" is now available as a promotional send in two boxtops kinda thing and get your own "Little Salty" to come and grace my or your table...so we can add the salt that is missing to whoever is advertising the soup that "Little Salty" is missing from....come on in "Little Salty" make your self at home.....