Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday

SuperBowl Sunday used to be the day everyone anticipated the new ads as much as the game.
It was the one time that advertising had a chance to really shine and reach consumers in the most creative best foot forward.
Unfortunately, it has now been dampened by previews, pre-previews, pre-pre-previews and on and on so everyone has already seen the ads long ago. This year in particular there has been hype with one of the football players being a schill for family values vs. a gay dating ad that was rejected for SB on air time, supposedly because of its cheap production values. Again, controversy always sparks curiosity but in this case it has nothing to do with the advertising itself; we already know what the guy is going to talk about.

The culprits are of course UTube, Twitter and all things social. My theory is these venues because they cannot find a way to make themselves profitable yet, are doing anything and everything to find a place in the consumer psyche. Kind of like the couple that crashed the Obama dinner party, these social venues will crash and reveal everything just to be there and say they did it.

Well in my opinion, this has dampened the spirit and lessened the anticipation for the ads and has left me feeling like, I have already seen the bride before she walked down the aisle.

There is something to be said for anticipation, for not knowing what is going to be shown, for waiting. It ranks up there with shaking christmas packages, preparing for a first date, and encourages the very thing that we are losing: the MAGIC of the moment, the payoff for all the waiting and imagining what was in the box, what the date would be like, the wonder, the awe factor....