Friday, November 6, 2009

FREE the best 4 letter F- word

Everyone that reads this has to go to the website for these two guys that are doing tv ads for small local, and I mean local, businesses.

Rhett and Link are out to outdo us in offering anybody who wants a tv ad to get in touch with them and they will come to wherever you are and make a tv spot for you.

FREE yes, you read right....FREE and it is as you might expect, a no frills production. But they are so bad they are camp. And there is something totally charming about them in their simplicity and homemade style. All this is under the sponsorship of a company called MicroBilt and now SeeBolt their social marketing arm just for small businesses.

Rhett and Link know how to merchandise and have SnoopDog in their corner plus they made a full length movie about finding their 4th grade teacher.

These guys are smart. And if I do a commercial, they will definitely be on my list to contact.

Microbilt helps small businesses with debt collection, credit and pre-screening people for the same.

Anyway this is not a plug for the company just some background on how these two wild and crazy guys got into the adgame sideways so to speak.

And the ads themselves are fun and funny and highly memorable and just a screech.

Monday, November 2, 2009

...a random act of opportunity

U-tube is fast becoming the venue for getting out a video statement quickly. Case in point: the bad parking job an old lady did in some Thornhill fitness parking lot. Once this video went viral it has had about 1.3 million views so far.

The P.R. opp for a new car giveaway couldn't have been sweeter for Hyundai thanks to the fast thinking of Bensimon Byrn's digital arm Mighty. And it makes complete sense that Hyundai replace the damaged car (which also was a Hyundai by the way) with this random act of kindness.

Personally, if I were Hyundai, I would have given the other guy whose car also was extensively damaged a new car too. After all, I think in the video, that car was completely trashed...and it would have been an even greater act of kindness because that car was not a Hyundai.

It now becomes a p.r. opp for Mighty with its subsequent blog and who knows maybe they are in negotiations now for a full length movie.

Mighty used the formula:
Yesterday: Idea Today: idea in Action

It really is about ambulance chasing and gambling.

YouTube is inundated with videos 24/7. Most of them are absolute dreck. Rarely does one really capture or show any imagination. And if I had the job to wade through the submissions for appropriateness of content, language etc. etc....well shoot me now.

So when one does catch on, it usually spreads faster than a wildfire.

And I am sure there are others out there who try to analyze on a full time salary basis just what it is that makes one go viral while another does not.

I don't know and I don't think any pundits do either. It is a completely random act of luck!
Akin to winning a lottery.

The trick , like Mighty understands, is to jump on it instantly and own it. And that can only happen when you have an appropriate brand (in this case Hyundai) and a client willing to act as fast as the video went viral.

It truly is about taking advantage of a very very narrow timeframe.

Cudos to Mighty and Hyundai.