Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kleenex asks you to "choose a mom"

Lets look at the newest effort from Kleenex.
It consists of an elaborate gimmick taking you to a website where a number of stereotypical "moms" pitch their lifestyle; asking you to choose which mom you would want to take care of you this cold and flu season. Of course Kleenex is mentioned every other word.
It is so contrived, I hear the client saying: " our research shows" and "we want to target", not moms, but females across all ethnic and lifestyle stereotypes. We have the obligatory black, wasp, oriental, hispanic, italian, hippie, overachiever, southern belle, do it yourselfer, so hip it is unhip mom, etc. etc. All bases are covered.
Each one of these "moms" act out their ethnic stereotype. Not once did I feel the remotest connection. It is so obvious these women are actors. It was insulting listening to this drivel.

Also, the site doesn't load quick enough and you end up waiting for this to buffer. It became far too tedious for me on many levels. The site is overloaded with stereotypical visual is over art directed. Because it is cluttered, it is complicated and overdone. So many elements pop or float on you don't know where to begin.

I left this site feeling annoyed. Not just at the lack of technical features not working but annoyed that so much time and effort and money was poured into this site. It all comes off like a bad soap opera. It made me wonder how much is tacked on to the cost of a box of Kleenex to support this kind of fluff.

All this while Greenpeace is after them for the clear cutting they are doing in Canada's ancient Boreal Forest. Which is another post all together really. But just off the top, I would think Kleenex marketing group would be very aware of this and want to rethink their position in consumerland.

The ad for the forest being saved (pictured) and bringing our attention to it is far more compelling and important to me than a site that mocks moms and ethnically stereotypes us still. It is condescending and completely irrelevant given our global situation.

It just shows me how blind Kleenex is.

Kleenex needs to rethink their place in the Green movement and eliminate this online garbage.

I like a fun website. I like it when the interaction is clever, well thought out and brings a real message that makes me feel good about a brand and spending some time with it. It is always about what is in it for me.

Who has time I ask you and who goes hunting or stays on these horrible sites other than an adgal curious about an article in Ad Age?

Makes me cry....pass me a hanky please.