Monday, September 28, 2009

Small Agency of the Year

I am glad to finally see the small shops getting recognition for good work. I am sure for every one that submitted work, there were many others just as good that didn't.

I know there is a school of thought that says creative people are too fixated on awards, but let's be honest, the hardware is what agencies are often measured by and so the people that helped create it.
What isn't recognized and should be, are all the people that helped get that work produced. It isn't just the creatives, it takes true team work with account service, planners (if you have one), media people who also can be as creative in suggesting how to get the best effectiveness from the idea and maybe even right down to the cleaners who might be muttering some magical incantation just at the right time as they passed to get the wastebasket into the room and where the brainstorming was taking place and someone overhearing them magically by osmosis adopted their thought as their own. Also production people are key key key in making or breaking an idea.
Heck, if you had to have everyone that touched the work in a direct or indirect way go up on a stage to accept an award, you would need a pretty big stage.