Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Favorite Agency

I absolutely and totally adore and bow down to Carmichael Lynch Advertising out of Minnesota. Hands down I think they are one of the top agencies in the U.S. today. In their shop the idea is still king. Ideas that fuel passion. Which is a direct quote from their website. Human connections. And to that I say a resounding YES! That approach is what made me want to be in advertising.
It is still all about the BIG IDEA.
The work is original, fresh and not gimmicky. Each campaign has a well thought out and touching reason for being to further your idea of a product or service.
And in every campaign it is such a normal simple premise. A simple human insight brought to our attention in a very memorable, meaningful entertaining way. Yes, entertaining. Something most agencies haven't been doing for years and years. Carmichael Lynch's work is of the calibre you want to see again and again. IMAGINE...actually wanting to see an American ad again.
Somewhere along the way so many agencies don't get it. Or never did get it.
Agencies compromise. Agencies have become order takers for clients rather than leaders and visionaries for their clients. They don't understand what it is they are supposed to be anymore. They are caught up in formulas and proprietary methodologies and new media and all the trappings of nothing; with their fancy powerpoint presentations and corny overdone websites they think that is their "edge", their differentiator. Creative is relegated to the lowest priority in most cases and it shows.
I had one agency principal show me a powerpoint presentation about their "proprietary program" that was so boring I almost went to sleep. But this person had nothing to say outside of that silly presentation. It was absurd. And this was an interview situation. Pathetic.
In my book, Carmichael Lynch is what a true advertising agency is supposed to be.
And what every agency should strive to be.
Check them out: