Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Tim Williams has a great article about agency risks that is a must read. It drove home for me the notion that agencies are really at a turning point. The old model is done for. And even though some of his observations aren't quite on the mark, overall he is right. It brings into question everything about traditional agency contributions to a clients bottom line. And he points out that new media like websites and blogs and such are like organisms...they don't go away. Once created they must be maintained and updated constantly, and how do you get fairly compensated for that? Also, the roles of not just media and creative but account service are radically changed.

The BAD.

On the other side of the spectrum is Coke's disastrous attempt at "social marketing" which is such an obvious gimmick. Talk about a swing and a miss. This whole notion of sending twenty somethings out to "find happiness" in the world is absurd. Coke is desperate. And all I have to say about this ridiculous misadventure is whoever sold Coke on this stunt truly can sell dead horses to the mounted police and I would like to know his/her secret to selling success. Undoubtedly it is costly, stupid, way off brand gimmicks like this that surely will net Coke nothing but a bad taste in its mouth about ad agencies. Ultimately and perhaps rightly so, the agency will be fingered as being the bad guys for selling Coke on this hair brained scheme. The whole notion of sending 3 kids around the world to find happiness and to social media it back home to me is decadent at best given the economy and quite frankly: who cares.


Science World is trying their hand at a UTube video they are hoping will go viral by their agency REthink.
They have a bunch of grandma types licking vanilla ice cream cones in semi-soft porn-esque suggestive styles which quite honestly makes me rethink Grandma. It's message is that vanilla turns old boys that is just a little bit too much information for me and turns me totally off. But I am not grandpa.
Does it make Science World a compelling show to watch? Not sure. I think I would have waited and done a series of videos with some other subjects so if the vanilla/old boy/ sexy grandma thing wasn't my cup of tea, I could get turned on to Science World for another insight.

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